New Heat Carrier Particles / Atomic atmosphere

Heat carrier particles (HC) are proposed to originate within all nuclei. As nuclei are renewed by the minute matter and kinetic energy of BSP, the residue forms into a particle that is magnitudes larger than the basic particles and magnitudes smaller than electrons. I propose that the HC embody both linear and rotational kinetic energy.

Heat Carrier Particles Form Atomic Atmosphere

These particles are proposed to exit the nucleus of their origin with a uniform shape and with motion representing the surplus kinetic energy from clusters of BSP. The energy of HC in motion corresponds to heat.

Functions of HC Particles

The energy of HC is proposed to power movement within the atomic atmosphere. Each HC may have individual linear and rotational velocities. they would most likely move in clusters, said clusters could move in orbits around electrons or in the wake of electrons. In spite of the origin of HC as residue in the health of nuclei, it has other vital tasks that take nature and technology through the life states that are reiterated throughout the known cosmos and far beyond.