The Cosmic Wind, The Fabric of Space

The author has given the name "The Cosmic Wind" to the totality of the basic subatomic particles that move throughout space. It is a wind in the sense that it moves and accelerates atomic matter. The proposed basic subatomic particles compose the "cosmic wind" which is deemed to be the "fabric of space." The nature and the characteristics of the cosmic wind are listed below.

The Cosmic Wind Properties

  • CW-1 The cosmic wind is the totality of basic subatomic particles in motion
  • CW-2 (Figuratively) Quadrillions of the particles traverse the head of a pin at any moment
  • CW-3 The cosmic wind is proposed to have created the additional subatomic particles and all atomic matter
  • CW-4 It is the source of gravitational attractions at both the subatomic and extra-atomic levels
  • CW-5 It refreshes atomic nuclei and electrons
  • CW-6 It heats, indirectly, atmospheres within atoms