Basic Particle of Subatomic matter

The essence of the present theoretical writing is the Basic Subatomic Particle (BSP) of nature which is deemed to be the elementary unit of matter. The basic particles are proposed to move, virtually unimpeded, through space and atomic matter which is nearly transparent to them. On the other hand, they interact with atomic matter in great numbers and at high speeds. They compose a pervasive atmosphere which functions as the source of building material as well as the power source of all nature. These basic particles, functioning in boundless numbers, are proposed to have originated and to have sustained all of nature, past, present and future. A listing of properties of the proposed "basic subatomic particle" is included below.

Basic Cosmic Particle Properties

  • BSP-1 Smallest of cosmic particles that interact with atomic matter
  • BSP-2 Least massive of these particles
  • BSP-3 Smallest in volume of these particles
  • BSP-4 Move in straight lines at high speeds including the speed of light
  • BSP-5 Move in random directions accross space
  • BSP-6 Small but significant fraction intercepted by atomic matter
  • BSP-7 Deliver energy, momentum and subatomic mass to atoms